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The Golden Network is an elite members-only networking community.

TGN is exclusive and designed for London’s Finance and related industries professionals. Created in 2014, this network brings together like-minded people and has become the new and essential tool for building and developing professionals and well as personal relationships.

With many sophisticated events, a quality membership scheme, exclusive partners' offers and an efficient online platform, TGN prides itself on meeting the highest standards. Joining this community and taking advantage of all the services offered will facilitate you in connecting with relevant and similar people living in London.

Our members

TGN members are active professionals mainly living and working in London. Our members demographics can be broken down:

Our network represents the top financial institutions such as Barclays, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, UBS, JP Morgan and much more.

We are a very international community as TGN members represent many part of the world such as Dubai, Brazil, USA, Asia, India, Australia and much more.

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Few words from our members

About the Founder

With a genuine entrepreneur's mind and great public relations skills, Victoria is the founder and owner of The Golden Network. A native of France, she fell in love with London and now considers it as her home.

Having acquired a variety of work experiences, and skills essential to business management and planning, she decided to create her own business - in February 2014, The Golden Network celebrated its official launch with an unforgettable evening at Vogue in Hanover Square, London.

A little word from her

"It was in October 2013 that I decided to put all my skills together and work on a project that was my own. In The Golden Network, I have assembled things I am passionate about - networking and socializing - and decided to fill a gap in the market (socializing community for the finance industry) while creating a business out of it.

I wanted to create a lively, personal community that caters to the social yet career-driven finance professionals by providing an exciting alternative to the stale and boring corporate networking events that most people are used to.

By holding events every week, TGN provides sophisticated and entertaining occasions that allow our member's to relax while socializing with the kind of people they could potentially do business with.

The main goal is to build a valuable network over time and I much look forward to meeting you at one of our events"

Victoria Salem
Founder, The Golden Network Ltd